Lesson 1 – The Opportunity in AutoCAD

Welcome to the first lesson in your free AutoCAD Course

In this lesson, we will discuss the opportunities in the field of AutoCAD & Related Industry and why it is such a fast-growing field. I am sure by the end of this video you will be motivated to learn AutoCAD & will explore it.

Learning AutoCAD basic will help you in a lot of ways. You can get a job in this field, become a design engineer/3D Design Engineer/Drafter, or use the knowledge to start your own business.

In the future lessons, we will cover the different modules in AutoCAD, how to set up AutoCAD in your windows PC/Desktop/Laptop to learn and experiment with the basics of AutoCAD and so on related topics.

The lesson includes the following topics:

  • Why you should learn AutoCAD and how it can help you?
  • Why AutoCAD is the beginning of your career?
  • The demand for Design Engineer around the Globe.
  • How much Design Engineer jobs pay in India?
  • The best way to become an Eneterprenure and provide the need for Industry

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Create Your Own Website

Having your own website is important to learn digital marketing. I recommend starting your own blog (we will discuss this in future lessons).

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